“More Rhode Island Men and Women Are Falling In Love With America’s Hottest New Exercise That Lets You Lose Weight and Melt Fat Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible”

Celebrity Cranston Kickboxing Instructor Will Show You The Secret to Having Fun While Sculpting an Attractive Body, Shrinking Your Waistline, and Toning Your Muscles

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Jake Burke AtomicKickboxing.com 530 Wellington Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island 02910
(401) 523-1008

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Dear Friend,

Are you SICK & TIRED of...

  • Hard-to-follow diets?
  • Too much fat in your midsection?
  • Feeling unhappy or uncomfortable with your body?
  • Weight-loss programs and boring old gyms?
  • Being out of energy or sluggish every day?
No Problem! No Problem!

I help men and women (including moms) have fun while getting in shape… and at the same time teaching them real self-defense techniques.

So, if you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, then I have something for you that’s better than…

“Say Good-bye to the Old Weight-Loss Programs!”

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Perhaps like many men and women, you feel like you’ve tried every diet, workout plan, or fitness routine, only to be met with disappointment.

Or maybe you’re someone who is simply stuck at a plateau…

…and you need something to get you unstuck so you can melt away those last 10 to 20 pounds of stubborn and difficult fat.

Our Cranston kickboxing classes have a reputation for being the best in Rhode Island.

It delivers fast results.
And it beats other programs because it helps you…
  • Trim away your stubborn fat
  • Get Lean
  • Achieve the attractive, sexy body of your dreams

“The Top Five Reasons Men and Women Love Our Cranston Kickboxing Program”

It’s a fun, high-energy workout that allows you to…

  1. Melt fat fast
  2. Relieve your stress
  3. Tone your entire body
  4. Learn valuable self-defense techniques
  5. Feel more attractive and confident
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Our kickboxing classes have a powerful cardio-conditioning
element that is very effective at burning fat – especially around
the midsection. In fact, with our Cranston kickboxing sessions, you’ll tone your entire body.

And while most Rhode Island residents turn to our kickboxing program for the fitness and health benefits, the self-defense element is certainly a nice perk for many women…and men.

Being able to protect yourself is a priceless asset that empowers you because you’ll be better able to safely get out of dangerous situations. Plus, many men and women find our kickboxing sessions a fabulous way to get rid of stress after a long, hard day.

With our Cranston kickboxing classes, you’ll feel more attractive, sexy, and confident.

  • Get into much better shape
  • Speed up your sluggish metabolism and burn more calories
  • Melt fat away, quickly
  • Boost your confidence and motivation
  • Feel attractive

“See What Others Are Saying About Cranston Kickboxing…”

"From a size 16 to a size 4 in just 1 year!"

Since joining AtomicKickboxing.com almost a year ago, I have lost a few things but have gained so much. Losing 109 lbs. and going from a size 16 to a size 4, I can tell you there is no workout out there like what you'll get at AtomicKickboxing.com, not only have I gained back my confidence, I feel great, and I'm in the best shape of my life.

If you are looking to lose weight, get in great shape, feel amazing, get healthy and/or learn how to defend yourself, then I would recommend coming to check us out! You will be hooked from the start!

“The instructors really care about me and push me to stay looking my best!”

Thank you so much for helping me with my nutrition planning and helping me stay on track with my eating. Nothing I’ve ever done has ever helped me get in to such awesome shape and I owe it all to AtomicKickboxing.com. If it wasn’t for your great team of staff I’d still be depressed and overweight, the smartphone app was instrumental in keeping me accountable with my eating. The best thing I ever did was join Atomic Kickboxing.

I’ve never been pushed so hard before in my life and the funny part is I love every minute of it because you make it so much fun. The positive atmosphere and feeling of belonging somewhere is why everyone must get such great results.

“You guys are awesome!”

“Over 100 pounds gone in 1 year!”

After being struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian, my life came crashing down. At the end of a long bout of major surgeries and rehab I found myself at square one, and extremely overweight. I al-so had a major surgery replacing most of my leg scheduled and had to get in shape prior. After being told I would “NEVER” be able to train anymore I decided it was time to redefine the word “NEVER”. The high intensity training at Atomic Kickboxing taught me never to give up, never give in, and never underestimate the power of sheer will and determination. I was able to lose over 120lbs in 8 months thanks to these sensitive but motivating instructors. Thanks to their kick-boxing classes I have been able to do what was literally dubbed as “impossible” while obtaining and maintaining upper echelon achievements.

If you want to step up your game and learn how to turn your dreams of change into a reality; do yourself a favor and come check out these kickboxing classes.

“I’ve gained muscle, lost body fat and feel a decade younger and my outlook on life has completely turned around..”

I decided to join after reading the testimonials, and it was the best decision I ever made. Results were immediate both mentally and physically - exactly what I needed! It honestly feels like you're kicking off the pounds with each kick and sweating out stress with each punch! Addicting to say the least!! The instructors are beyond motivational. They pushed my "I can't" way of thinking to "I can", helping me surpass fitness goals I never thought I could accomplish!!

“I lost 50 pounds in 5 months!”

AtomicKickboxing.com was literally a life changing experience. I walked in the door thinking it was going to be just another rip off but I was willing to give it a try. So I signed up for the web special and after the 1st class, I signed up for unlimited classes! I felt amazing after my first class!

The staff is amazing, very professional and extremely helpful and motivating. They don't only help with fitness but with nutrition planning too. If you are willing to put the work in, they are willing to help you achieve your goals. With their amazing kickboxing classes I lost 50 pounds in 5 months!

Thank you AtomicKickboxing.com

“I couldn’t believe I'm down 3 dress sizes!”

I never enjoyed working out and was never really "in shape”. Before I joined AtomicKickboxing.com my doctor told me that I needed to lose weight. I was so nervous to start classes because of how out of shape I was, but the instructors and other members were so welcoming and helpful.

Since joining a year ago I have lost 22 pounds and I'm down 3 dress sizes. At my annual physical this year my doctor was completely blown away!! I truly believe that this is a great program and has helped me turn my life around!!

THANK YOU to the fabulous instructors who push me to be the best version of me!

“Why Are Men and Women in Our Kickboxing Classes Able To Get Amazing Results, So Quickly?”

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Kickboxing burns mega-calories.
There’s no other form of aerobic activity that burns more calories.

Research and studies have shown that kickboxing burns over 800 calories per hour. It’s a high-power form of cardio that helps boost metabolism and shed excess fat and weight.

860 calories per hour
490 calories per hour
245 calories per hour
420 calories per hour
With our kickboxing classes, you can look forward to burning tons of calories. Plus, you can expect the following fitness and health benefits…
  • Fat loss
  • More muscle tone
  • Improved energy, endurance, and stamina
  • Better coordination and flexibility
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Lots of fun
And, it’s always more fun with your friends.
So, feel free to bring a few of your friends. You’ll certainly have more fun as you work out and burn fat with your buddies or girlfriends.

“What Can You Expect Your First Day at Our Cranston Kickboxing Classes?”

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Okay, so what can you expect at our Cranston kickboxing classes?
Well, let me first tell you what you won’t find here…

  • No pushy sales people
  • No arrogant staff
  • No overcrowded facilities
  • No out-of-shape instructors
  • No rude people or classmates
  • No Poor Service

You’ll find none of that garbage in our classes. And that’s why I’m never surprised to find that men and women drive far distances to experience our caring, fun, and positive teaching style.

Our goal is to help you get in the best shape of your life while having fun with one of the top-rated cardio workouts ever. And you’ll experience positive interactions with staff and classmates in a friendly atmosphere.

At our Cranston kickboxing studio, you’ll…
  • Get in shape while learning kickboxing
  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Learn the elements of kickboxing and self-defense

“Now, What’s Keeping You From Getting a Slimmer, Leaner, and More Attractive Body?”

Real progress and results can only be achieved by taking action.

And right now, you have a special opportunity to take action, make progress, and get the results necessary so that you can…

  • Melt fat and flab
  • Sculpt lean, tone muscles
  • Tighten your thighs and abs
  • Burn away your belly fat
  • Improve your concentration, focus, and confidence

P.S. : This kickboxing program is realistic, result-driven, and very do-able. You’ll experience the best fat-burning, fitness, and weight loss workout to make a dramatic turn-around – and eliminate that hard to lose fat. Take advantage of my limited-time Cranston Kickboxing “Web Special Offer.” Don’t miss out. Reserve your spot NOW.

To Your Fitness and Health,
Jake Burke Jake Burke
AtomicKickboxing.com 530 Wellington Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island 02910
(401) 523-1008